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Good results can only be achieved through a holistic approach. Therefore, it takes a combination of targeted training, good housing conditions and a productive learning environment


Horse training

7 stalls for temporary training horses

Individual feeding 5 times a day

In addition to training daily pasture or paddock


Dressage lessons and horse training


 Individually tailored to the wishes and needs of the horse and the rider.

Dressage training with your own horse, starting from young horses or first level riders- up to the Grand Prix.

Professional learning structure in the classical principle without constraint.

Tips for home exercise.
Analysis of training or competition by videos.

Individual lessons on your farm or equestrian center.


2-3 day  (max 2 horse per class)


 Support on competitions

 Accompaniment of horses and riders with
individual training during warmup


 Support in horse sale

Procurement of exclusive dressage horses from Europe.


Romitelli Riding Boots

As official importer and representiv for America  we have about 500 pairs of Romitelli Riding Boots on stock